Inside volcanic cave in Faial, Azores.

On the 8th of June, the World Oceans Day, arrived at Faial, Azores, to work on my oceanic inspired art, at one of the best locations in the world to connect intensely with nature.
Big logistics are required to pursue such endeavour. Shipped the art materials.
And flew with the bike and diving equipment.
No dia 8 de Junho, no dia mundial dos Oceanos, iniciei mais uma Residência Artística no Faial, no Banco de Artistas na Horta.
A logística necessária é grande, os materiais de trabalho foram enviados de navio e, voei com a bicicleta e equipamento de mergulho.
O atelier é lindo, com grandes janelas e vista para a marina da Horta e a montanha do Pico.

Inspiration process. A day mountain biking and at sea.

Back to the atelier for the painting work…
Back to the sea.

Cycling along Lac Léman, from Vevey to the beautiful Montreux MAG Salon d’Art Contemporain.
A week with out wind, warm sunny autumn days.
Thank you Switzerland!

At the Salon d’Art Contemporain at Montreux Convention Center, by the lake Léman in Switzerland, from the 4th November till the 8th. You’re welcome to visit!

AWAKENING THE SENSES_ Solo Painting Exhibition

Around the island diving.

Princess Alice Bank.
Swimming with curious mobula rays.

Porto Pim late afternoon inspiring session.

North shore inspiring session.
Studying the light.

South shore late afternoon inspiring session.
The sun setting light travels gently into the depth.

North shore diving inspiring session at Pico Island.
Clear deep blue water.
Black rock walls.
The sensory underwater world, full of life, light, colour, different water temperatures.
Pure pleasure.

The sea heals. We dive to the depth, come up to breath. And in between these movements, which feel like flying under water, what's inside that needs revolving, goes back into place. Or finds a new place creating a new order.

North shore inspiring sessions. South wind's blowing strong, for weeks in a row here at Faial.
So, rode to the north shore, searching for good diving conditions: clear sea, no jelly fishes... soft swell.

When we are at sea, sometimes the waves look like mountains, moving in the horizon. Balancing the ship, in the vast ocean. One feels on the skin, how precious it is to be alive facing the grandiose elements of nature. To be attentive to what surrounds us is utterly important. Attention is essential in the experience of the place and this varies depending on the perception of each one of us. Also depending on how we let ourselves become available to feel and at which level are we willing to be there.

The path which I have been following is to be open to the wonder. In a close encounter with the elements, capturing in situ through the senses. Seeing, feeling, inhaling, tasting, listening to the world as if a child. With an innate curiosity of whom experiences the grace of being alive in this body, here and now.

The ocean is the main theme of the artistic project which am currently developing in Faial. Since my childhood I practice free diving and have for the Azores a special fascination. To be at sea is to be in full communion.

The project focuses its attention on the sensory capture the underwater world. How to express pictorially the physical sensations of the body among the elements? The light through the water column, the sound that travels far and when near we feel in the body, the temperature and its variation depending on the current and depth, darkness and pressure as we descend, the taste of the water, the strength of the currents, the different levels of visibility. The magic encounter with marine life.
Beyond the sea, there's other sources of inspiration. The fiery force that shapes the land. The rich forests, sinuous curvilinear contours of the landscape. The transition between hot black rocks and the cold sea. The warm dry air and the inside of the cool fresh forest. The luminosity of the atmosphere throughout the day, varying with the dancing clouds.

To be at sea, sailing.

Inspiration process. Gathering from nature, will all senses awaken.
I love the ocean, entirely. From a very young age begun to free dive, between islands, the currents would be very strong. Had to hold on the anchors, down bellow. To be in stillness, looking at the fishes.
Would swim between the islands, and sometimes, passing by sail boats. Which made me become passionate about a life at sea.