Being inspired by Montana’s nature and the painting progress at the studio.

Mountains and lakes at Glacier National Park.

Summer painting at an old bank by Flathead Lake, in Montana. Being inspired by the lake, the mountains and the wild life.

Gale Force, Gold Turquoise Blue, Gold Red, Gold Blue. All set in nice looking houses.

In the Realms of the Wild, solo exhibition in Lisbon, May 2018.

Among castles and forts, in central Portugal. On the occasion of collective exhibition in Leiria.

Finding quietude in the south shores of Portugal. Spring break in the Algarve, on the occasion of the South Retrospective solo painting exhibition at Vilamoura.

Norway during January 2018. Visiting art galleries in Oslo, cross country skiing in Vradal and catching up with dear friends. In love with this Nordic country!

In London and Devon this last December 17, on an art work mission.

Switzerland in November 2017. Art, mountains, the Lac Leman and dear friends.

Couple minutes cycling from my art studio in Faial island and hiking along the volcanic cliffs, I jump into the ocean: this is only a glimpse to all the beauty witnessed.

Summer in the Azores is magic. On the very last day before my flight, I went to Princess Alice Bank, 3 hours off shore from Faial island. A submarine mount rich in life. Mobula rays swim all around! Curious, come right nearby. Here we have some photos taken by Patrick Masse, who I met on board Norberto’s boat.

On a regular basis I go in the sea during the afternoon after painting. Just couple minutes ride from the art studio there’s an excellent diving spot. With volcanic caves, tons of fishes of different species, baby rays and on some lucky days a turtle.

Life in the islands, in between the art studio with the view to the marina, and the volcanoes and forests.

Princess Alice seamount, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, is rich in biodiversity. During the summer months the gracious mobula rays gather here. In this day I joined a non invasive tagging expedition. Jorge Fontes, marine biologist from University of Azores, places a multi sensor tag, attached to an harness, which is released and collected couple hours later, to examination of data.

Photo assembly of couple paintings over nice architecture.

Collective exhibition Mar Motto, opening on the 8th June till 22 July in Faro, Algarve, at the Antiga Fabrica da Cerveja. Rua do Castelo nº 2, Vila Adentro, Faro. Opening hours: tuesday to saturday from 3 pm till 9 pm. I have 8 paintings there.

Diving in and out of big Salty Bliss, at Ocean collective exhibition, in Palacio do Egipto, Oeiras, Lisbon.

When I was a little child, strongly believed came from the sea.
Would spend long hours submerged. Holding to the fisherman’s boat anchors, on the shores of my childhood island. Where the currents pull forcefully in between the sandbanks.
The moon, the shining ruler. Every six hours the tide changed. I learnt then by experience, one could travel far without effort, just floating. Being pulled by the moon while floating on the sea surface. The mind would soar high into the migrant’s bird view flying above. Admiring how all processes are interconnected.
By experiencing nature in loco through the body, there was much learning taking place, and curiosity being triggered…
While studying biology during my teens, learnt we all came from the sea. The primordial soup: the first complex molecules join together in the skies thunderstorms.
Parallel to biology began my art studies, transmitting into the canvas what I experienced in the sub aquatic world. Later took a degree in Architecture, concerned on how architecture can influence people’s quality of life, as well as influence the natural environment, whether is well or badly designed, projected and built. All is interconnected.
Nowadays, my art is profoundly inspired in the ocean.
The ocean breathes through me into the canvas, becoming vivid paintings.
Ancient schools of wisdom say, that our soul is connected to our body through the breath. Our soul as being the eternal essence, which animates us, and thus indistinguishable from the essence of the universe. /God/Source.
While diving into the ocean, I breathe the ocean in.
When painting, the ocean breathes through me.

Currently working on a big painting (2 meters per 1,20) which reminds me of this day in Azores, diving with Blue Sharks.
These pictures were taken by Mark Saxby, here shared with is permission.
I had no camera with me that day, to allow me to fully focus on the encounter with the sharks.